TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park to Host Outdoor Skill Series

May 1, 2023

The Skill Series will offer participants a full day of hands-on instruction, preparing them with the skills needed to survive in the great outdoors

Vernon, NJ – April XX, 2023 – TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park, one of North Jersey’s most exhilarating destinations that gives guests the opportunity to climb high into the trees of The Great Gorge and conquer an array of climbing elements, obstacles, rope walks and zip lines, announced today an exclusive Outdoor Skill Series course. Instruction – provided by the experts of Urban and Outdoor Survival – will cover the basics of fire building, water purification, knot tying and shelter construction, equipping participants with the essential skills needed to survive in the great outdoors. The Outdoor Skill series will take place on Saturday, April 29th from 9AM-5PM and will include all necessary materials and dinner.

“We’re incredibly excited to offer this course and partner with Marlon Smith and his team at Urban and Outdoor Survival,” said David Killin, General Manager, The Great Gorge. “Marlon’s expertise and passion for not just the outdoors but educating others about how to safely enjoy all that nature has to offer, is unmatched. We know participants will feel the same and that they’ll leave The Great Gorge more confident and prepared no matter where they’re headed next.”

The Outdoor Skill series will take advantage of the ultimate classroom setting – the woods of The Great Gorge. Programming, designed exclusively for TreEscape by Urban and Outdoor Survival instructors, will challenge participants to reach their full potential, with the goal of leaving the course prepared to handle any real-life scenario that they may encounter across their outdoor adventures.

“The Outdoor Skill Series is going to be a lot of fun, educational, and hopefully an eye-opener for those who participate,” said Marlon Smith, founder and President of Urban and Outdoor Survival. “One of the positives to arise from the COVID-19 pandemic was the rebirth of a love for the great outdoors. With activities limited, individuals flocked to nature, taking to state parks and other locations to explore the amazing trails and hikes. Unfortunately, many did so unprepared and unknowing of the dangers. I founded Urban and Outdoor Survival to provide the education and instruction that was sadly missing, so that those who were venturing outdoors were prepared for any number of scenarios that are almost guaranteed to arise.”

In addition to one-on-one, expert instruction, participants will be grouped into teams for some friendly competition. Urban and Outdoor Survival instructors will incorporate the skills taught throughout the day into a range of competitive events akin to the popular television show, Survivor. Teams will be pushed to complete each challenge, with the fastest winning a gourmet “Bushcraft Dinner”.

Registration for the Outdoor Skill Series is $250 per person and open to adults 18 and up. For additional information and to register, please visit

About The Great Gorge 

The Great Gorge is a Vernon, NJ destination offering a variety of outdoor and dining adventures, including The Great Gorge Golf Club, TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park, and Hef’s Hut.  Situated in the Vernon Valley, the site is home to the original Great Gorge Playboy Club, which includes the adjoining resort hotel that’s not currently in use.  In 2016, the Koffman family purchased the 600+ acres containing the golf club, and the 27-hole golf course was brought back to life and manicured back to a championship-worthy course. TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park was soon added, and in 2022, Hef’s Hut was introduced into the reimagined clubhouse adjacent to the golf course.

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