Your Adventure Awaits!

The Experience

TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park is a unique blend of wooden platforms built high in the trees connected by exhilarating combinations of rope walks, obstacles, climbing elements, and zip lines, all located in our beautiful, forested setting of The Great Gorge in Vernon, NJ.

The park offers two unique adventures: Our Climbing Sessions will have you high up in the trees and wanting to come back over and over again to conquer our 10 thrilling ropes courses that start for ages 4+ – or zip high above the trees on the Black Creek Flyer, an exhilarating self-guided zip-line course for thrill-seekers of ages 7+

Your adventure can be roughly 60 minutes to 4 hours of fun, depending on which product you purchase. There will be a short hike up from the parking lot. Also, once you get into the park, there are lockers free of charge to store your belongings (Quantities Limited). There are snacks and drinks for sale. Cash and card purchases are acceptable. From there, you will be harnessed and given a short briefing on the equipment and how to safely navigate the park. Once you have practiced “tweezling” your safety clips, you will navigate through an incredible experience that will be discussed for years to come by individuals, families, small parties, or large groups!

Individuals & Families

Group Reservations