Ziplining for the Whole Family: Tips for Kids and Parents

June 30, 2023

Looking for a thrilling adventure that the entire family can enjoy in New Jersey? Ziplining is the perfect outdoor activity that combines adrenaline-pumping excitement with breathtaking natural views. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway, here are some valuable tips for kids and parents to make the most out of your ziplining experience from the adventure pros at The Great Gorge

Choose a family-friendly zipline course

When selecting a zipline course, make sure it’s suitable for children of all ages. Look for courses that offer different levels of difficulty, allowing younger kids to participate alongside older siblings and parents. Family-oriented zipline courses often have shorter and lower ziplines, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Check age and weight restrictions

Before booking your ziplining adventure, check the age and weight restrictions imposed by the zipline company. Some courses may have minimum age requirements, while others might have weight limits for safety reasons. Ensuring that your children meet the criteria will prevent any disappointment or safety concerns on the day of the activity.

Dress appropriately

Wearing the right clothing and footwear is crucial for a comfortable and safe ziplining experience. Dress your family in comfortable, weather-appropriate attire, such as lightweight, breathable clothes and closed-toe shoes with good traction. Avoid loose accessories or jewelry that could get tangled in the zipline equipment.

Prepare for the elements

While ziplining, you’ll be exposed to the elements, including sun, wind, and rain. Apply sunscreen to protect your family’s skin, even on overcast days. Bring hats, sunglasses, and lightweight rain jackets in case the weather changes unexpectedly. Being prepared will ensure that you can fully enjoy your ziplining adventure, regardless of the weather.

Listen to the safety briefing

When you arrive at the zipline course, pay close attention to the safety briefing provided by the guides. They will explain the necessary safety procedures, demonstrate how to use the equipment, and offer tips for a smooth and secure ride. Encourage your children to ask questions and make sure they understand the instructions before beginning the activity.

Encourage and support each other

Ziplining can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially for younger children or those who are afraid of heights. Create a supportive and encouraging environment for your family by cheering each other on and celebrating small victories. Remind your children that they are safe and that the guides are there to assist them throughout the experience.

Capture the memories

Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the incredible moments as you soar through the air. Many zipline courses offer opportunities for professional photos, so take advantage of those services if available. Immortalizing these memories will not only provide lasting enjoyment but also give you something to share with friends and family back home.

Enjoy the scenery

As you glide through the treetops, take a moment to appreciate the stunning natural beauty surrounding you. Encourage your children to look around and admire the scenery. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach them about the environment and foster a love for nature.

TreEscape at The Great Gorge

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